Medicines and Copayment

Medicines and Copayment

25 December 2023

Frequently asked questions on medicines 

The consumer leaflet that comes with the drug lists the side effects that can be caused by the drug. You can contact the Ministry of Health to receive general information about side effects, indications, contraindications, and the reciprocal association between drugs. For individual consultation, contact your family doctor.

You can report the side-effects you have felt while using the drug through an online form. The form can be filled out by a doctor, but it is also intended to be filled out by members of the public.

  • Through the drug company: You can contact the drug company whose details appear on the drug package and on the drug database
  • The Ministry of Health: You can contact the Ministry of Health’s hotline, Kol Habriut, and ask about the shortage and when it is expected to be replenished