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Navigating Pregnancy Risks: Consult the Teratology Experts

Navigating Pregnancy Risks: Consult the Teratology Experts

3 June 2024

  • Counseling for women who are planning pregnancy

  • Counseling for pregnant women

Purposes of the National Center of Teratology Information Specialists

  • 1
    Preventing the birth of infants with congenital disorders

    Providing suitable counseling before and during pregnancy, including a recommendation to consume folic acid, may help prevent the birth of infants with congenital disorders.

  • 2
    Preventing termination of pregnancy due to incorrect information

    Sometimes, incorrect information about the risk of environmental exposure during pregnancy results in pregnancies being terminated to prevent the birth of infants with disorders and fear for the health of the mother and the fetus. Suitable counseling may prevent the termination of pregnancy when there is no increased risk of disorders.

  • 3
    Reducing anxiety

    Reliable, current information and  answers from professionals can contribute to your peace of mind and promote your physical and mental health, before and during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

  • 4
    Encouraging the educated use of drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding

    Professional counseling from qualified individuals can put your mind at rest when you want to take various drugs that may help you during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The center’s professional staff can provide advice and encourage you to take medications that are safe during pregnancy, thus preventing you from being at risk owing to untreated illnesses.

  • 5
    Assessing risks

    If are exposed to an environmental factor that forms a risk of congenital disorders, the center’s professional staff will be able to provide you a reliable risk assessment and recommend certain diagnostic means during pregnancy.

  • 6
    Providing information and conducting research

    The center aims at providing and offering the public reliable, current and substantiated information about global figures related to environmental exposure during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The center also conducts studies on safety and risk factors about which there is no information.

The National Center for Teratology Information Specialists

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