Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

30 December 2023

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Stages in diagnosing hearing loss

Initial decision about the need for further inquiry

Examination by an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist (with the family doctor’s referral or by direct referral).

If necessary, your doctor will refer you for a more thorough examination of the ears and related areas.

Once the doctor identifies further symptoms, he or she will refer you for a more thorough examination, such as cleaning the wax build-up blocking the ear canal and impairing hearing.

Occasionally, the doctor will decide on a specific therapy or provide you with a referral for hearing screening in a hearing clinic (audiology clinic).

The goal of hearing screening in a hearing clinic is to identify the cause of hearing loss (for example, sound conduction problem in the ear canal and middle ear, a problem with the auditory nerve, etc.).

Furthermore, screening assists establishing the rate of hearing loss in each ear and the degree of severity.

Hearing screening is performed by a speech therapist and is painless.

According to the hearing screening results, a hearing aid or other rehabilitative measures will be adapted, such as Cochlear Implant, bone bridge, or hearing aids.