Rehabilitation & Mobility Devices

Rehabilitation & Mobility Devices

27 December 2023

Obtaining assistance – step by step

Contacting the HMO with the purpose of seeking approval to participate in the purchase of a mobility device (wheelchair, walking aids, etc.): if you need a mobility device, the first step is referring to your family doctor in the HMO. The doctor will complete a medical-functional form (HE), and this will be forwarded to a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist for obtaining a recommendation for participating in funding a mobility device.

For requesting a rehabilitation device (alternative communication support equipment, a breast prosthesis, or a prosthetic eye): If you require a recommendation for a rehabilitation device, it is recommended to contact the relevant professional department within the HMO.

It is important to point out

  • A recommendation is not an eligibility approval
  • A final approval will be obtained by the Ministry of Health
  • Applications for mobility devices are submitted by the HMO eliminating the need for independent application submission
  • Applications for mobility devices for individuals aged 70 and over will be forwarded by the HMOs and handled by the Ministry of Health through an external company
  • Application for rehabilitation devices should be submitted to the device coordinator in the health bureau in your area of residence, in the Departments of Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation, or through the 'Kol Habriut' Hotline 

The committee will discuss the applications according to the submitted documents and decide whether to approve or reject them.
A letter will be sent containing the committee's decision and the reasoning behind it. Additional guidelines, if necessary, will be provided for the remaining steps of the process.

After receiving approval from the Ministry of Health, you will receive written instructions for obtaining the device. It is important to note that the instructions vary according to the type of device.

Important information regarding eligibility approval and the mobility device

  • Act without delay: the eligibility approval remains valid for a period of six months starting from the date of issuance. In the event that the approval is not utilized within this timeframe, a new application will be required.
  • Required signatures: upon receiving the device, you will be required to sign a commitment form to return the device, as well as a promissory note.
  • Returning the device: the device must be returned upon termination of use or receiving an alternative device, upon transitioning to a nursing home, or in the unfortunate event of death.

Filing an appeal and complaints

Filing an appeal and complaints