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Safe Riding: Bicycles and Electric Vehicle

Safe Riding: Bicycles and Electric Vehicle

2 July 2024

Safety helmet

A word about batteries

Rules for safe riding of bicycles and powered vehicles

  • 1
    Purchasing bicycles

    Buy a bicycle that suits your children’s age and physical attributes. Make sure that each bicycle complies with an official standard from the Standards Institution of Israel, with a bell or horn and make sure that its lamps and reflectors work.

  • 2
    Cycling accessories

    Whenever you purchase a bicycle, you should also gat a standard compliant safety helmet. Each time your child goes out cycling, make sure he or she wears a safety helmet and kneepads.

  • 3
    Cycling in the dark

    Teach your child that it is important to turn the lamps on when cycling in dim light and in the dark, make sure that there are reflectors installed and wear bright clothing and a high visibility vest.

  • 4
    Where to ride

    Favor cycling on cycle paths, in places that are closed to vehicles, or in quiet streets without busy traffic, and in any case not on the sidewalk.

  • 5
    How to cycle

    Teach your children to ride safely and according to the traffic rules. Examples include stopping next to zebra crossings, telling them to obey traffic signs and making sure that they do not use mobile phones or headphones during cycling. Another example is teaching your children to stow their phone in a backpack before going out with their bicycle.

  • 6

    A scooter should be ridden solo, without giving a ride to another child.