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Safe Car Ride with Babies

Safe Car Ride with Babies

25 June 2024

  • Where should you place your car seat

  • Anchoring the car safety seat

  • If you do place the car seat on the front seat

  • Buckling up the seat belt

Challenges during and after the ride

When the baby begins to cry during the car ride, it can be challenging to focus on both driving and soothing the baby.

However, it is crucial to concentrate on driving for them as well as for us, and for all road travelers and pedestrians around.

So, what should you do in such a situation? Use your judgment, and if driving is no longer feasable and soothing the baby is necessary, act accordingly. Listen to the baby (and to yourself) and pull over safely, away from traffic, to comfort the baby before continuing your journey.

If the car seat is not positioned in the middle rear seat, you should place it on the side less exposed to the sun. Install a designated window sunshade on the baby’s side so it can shade the baby during the ride. You can put a regular cloth (such as a tetra diaper) and attach it to the windowpane.

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It is common knowledge that babies should not be left in the vehicle without adult supervision under any circumstances. However, it is important to note that forgetting a child in the car can happen to anyone.

To prevent this from happening, establish habits like leaving a purse or a mobile phone in the rear seat, keeping the car keys in hand, and using a child-in-car warning system.

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