Types of Dementia

Types of Dementia

4 January 2024

Additional and rarer diseases that cause dementia

  • It is mainly characterized by behavioral changes
  • Sometimes the patients suffer from speech impairment
  • In advanced stages, the symptoms resemble those of Alzheimer's disease

  • Mild memory loss and cognitive function decline in individuals aged 50 years or older
  • Without functioning impairment
  • It is a risk factor for dementia, but primarily for Alzheimer's disease

  • A rare disease
  • It is caused by a special protein (prion) attacking the brain tissue and causing it to collapse
  • It is associated with the Mad cow disease that attacks cattle

  • It may develop among advanced-stage AIDS patients
  • It is often observed that the onset of the disease occurs at a younger age than the average age of onset for other types of dementia

  • It is characterized by memory impairment without damage to orientation and speech functions
  • It may be caused by a disruption to oxygen supply to the brain during surgery
  • Often appears among alcoholics due to lack of vitamin B1
  • Additional populations at risk: pregnant women who suffer from recurrent vomiting, people after bariatric surgery

  • Dementia symptoms which appear among people suffering from depression
  • Symptoms may pass after treating depression

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